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How Can We Help?

Don’t allow the system to keep you from getting your money!


Have you ever had to deal with a foreclosed property? We can assist you in transferring the money from that property to your bank account.


What we do:

Our job is to locate and assist you in obtaining your overage refund.
We work hard to get you the money owed to you from your foreclosed property as quickly as possible. We have plugged into the industry by utilizing our claim submission skills, allowing us to have your claim processed and your money sent to your door quickly!

Our Process

Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1.

Reach out to us by contacting us on our Contact Page. We will guide you through the process and share with you all the information we can find on what you are owed.

Step 2.

We will send you several quick and simple forms to fill out. Once you mail those back we will be able to help and get started on the process of submitting your claim.

Step 3.

We will go to work recovering your refund. We will notify you of any and all changes as they come to us. You can ask us questions if ever you have any.

Our Process
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